Summer High School Internship Program [SHIP]

At CREST, about 8 to 10 HS students are selected each year for 6-week summer internship at CREST and its affiliated centers. The internship runs parallel to the STEM program for 6‐8 weeks and concludes at the same time as other Summer Internship Program at CREST. The students are chaperoned by School Teachers selected by the CREST‐SHIP committee members. Students are attached to various research groups based on their interests and capabilities; where they are assigned research tasks that they could work with their graduate and faculty mentors.

At the end of the Internship each student is given an opportunity to present their work at the Science Symposium. Most of these students continue the CREST‐SHIP Internship until they graduate and some return back to CCNY and CREST as Undergraduate students. This serves as a great recruitment effort and tremendously helps students understand how to make a better decision on their careers based on such pre‐college hands-on-minds-on trainings

CREST offers an exciting and enriching summer experience that will lead you to life long careers. Come join other students who share an interest in the STEM related sciences.   While our main focus is on academics and learning, the experience which results from coming together with other students is one of the unique opportunities offered by CREST.  Learn from our friendly faculty members and get a chance to perform research in some of our many labs here at CCNY. Gain skills that last long after summer internship ends.   This summer, do something big! 

The candidate must be an U.S. Citizenship to be eligible for this internship.


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