Jorge E. Gonzalez Cruz Ph.D.

Title: Prof. of Mech. Eng,Director- ESES & the Alliance for Continuous Learning Environments for STEM
Address: The City College of New York 140th Street & Convent Ave, Steinman Hall, Rm T-238 NY NY 10031
Phone: (212)650-5279
Fax: (212)650-8237

Education & Appointments:

·         BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, PR (1987)

·         M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, PR (1989)

·         PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA (1994)

·         NOAA-CREST Professor of Mechanical Engineering, City College of New York, NY (2008-Present)

·         Professor and David Packard Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA (2003-2008)

·         Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UPR – Mayagüez, PR (2000-2003)

·         Assistant, Associate and Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UPR - Mayagüez, PR (1997-2005)

Research Interests & Expertise:

·        More of 20 years of expertise in the following research areas:  Energy, sustainability, climate change, climate modeling, remote sensing, heat transfer, solar energy, low energy buildings, urban climate and weather.

·        Development of undergraduate and graduate educational programs to increase the number of professionals in Earth Science and Environmental Sustainability fields..

Teaching Interests

Heat transfer; two-phase flows; thermodynamics; HVAC, solar energy; climate change.

Research Funding & Collaboration:

·  Collaborated extensively with several agencies and private enterprises such as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, and the California Energy Commission.

·    Served as a principal and co-principal investigator on many research grants totaling more than $15M.

    US Patents:

    ·         Compact Solar Air Conditioning System.  US Patent No. 6539738. 2003. 

    ·         Automation and Control of Solar Air Conditioning Systems. US Patent 6536677. 2003. 

    ·         Optical sensor for the instantaneous detection and identification of bioaerosols. US Patents No. 7,152,469 (2009) & 8013984 (2011).

    ·         Estimating energy savings and carbon offsets for buildings in real-time.  US Patent Pending No: US 20130060471 A1. 2013.  

    Association with Agencies & Organizations:

    • ·  Fellow Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

      ·   Member of the Board on Urban of the American Society of Meteorological Society

      ·   Chair of the ASME Solar Energy Division

      ·  Co-organizer of several ASME and AMS Conferences

      ·  Member of the Department of Homeland Security Task Force on Sustainability.  


    • Distinguished Professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department for 1998-1999 Academic Year
    • Georgia - Tech Hispanic Engineer of the Year (1991-1992)
    • Georgia Tech President's Fellowship (1989 -1993)
    • Patricia Robert Harris Fellowship (1989-1992)
    • Economic Development Administration Scholarship (1989-1993)
    • National Hispanic Scholarship Fund Fellow (1988)

    Publications (Selected out of more than 40)

    • D. Comarazamy, J.E. González, J. Luvall, D. Rickman, and P.J. Mulero, A land-atmospheric interaction study in the coastal tropical city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Earth Interactions Journal, in Press.
    • Lebassi B., J.E. González, D. Fabris, C. Milesi, N. L. Miller, P. Switzer, and R. Bornstein Observed 1970-2005 cooling of summer daytime temperatures in coastal California. J. of Climate. 22, pp. 3558-3573.
    • Moisés E. Angeles, Jorge E. González, Nazario D. Ramírez-Beltrán, Craig A. Tepley, Daniel E. Comarazamy, Origins of the Caribbean Rainfall Bimodal Behavior, Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, D11106, (17 pages), 2010, doi:10.1029/2009JD012990
    • Lebassi B., J.E. González, D. Fabris, and R. Bornstein. Impacts of climate change in degree days and energy demands in coastal California. ASME J. of Solar Energy Engineering, August 2010, 132, 031005 (9 pages) doi:10.1115/1.4001564.
    • Moises Angeles, J. E. Gonzalez, D. J. Erickson, III, and J. Hernandez-Figueroa, The impacts of climate changes in the renewable energy resources in the Caribbean region. ASME J. of Solar Energy Engineering, August 2010, 132, 031009 (13 pages), doi:10.1115/1.4001475
    • Daniel E. Comarazamy and Jorge E. González. On the validation of the simulation of Early Season precipitation in the Island of Puerto Rico Using a Mesoscale Atmospheric Model. Journal of Hydrometeorology. 2008 (Vol. 9, No. 3, doi: 10.1175/2007JHM804.1).
    • Moises Angeles, J. E. Gonzalez, P. Mulero, D. J. Erickson, III, and J. Hernandez-Figueroa, Assessment of PCM results for predictions of climate changes in the Caribbean. International Journal of Climatology. 27, pp. 555-569.
    • Comarazamy D., J.E. González, C.A. Tepley, S. Raizada, and V. Pandya The effects of atmospheric particle concentration on cloud microphysics over Arecibo, J. Geophysical. Res., 111, D09205, DOI:10.1029/2005JD0062432006.
    • González, J. E., J. C. Luvall, D. Rickman, D. E. Comarazamy, A. J. Picón, E. W. Harmsen, H. Parsiani, N. Ramírez, R. Vázquez, R. Williams, R. B. Waide, and C. A. Tepley, 2005: Urban heat islands developing in coastal tropical cities. EOS Transactions, AGU, 86, 42, pp. 397 & 403.
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